Blue Gift Box

Blue Gift Box

Blue Gift Box

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A variety of flavors with a blue theme! (Sweet, spicy, salty, sour) in one box! This is the perfect gift for the candy lover in your life. 


This box includes:

1 pack of 10 Blue Tamarind Slaps

1 Pack Blow Pop Minis

1 Pack Tropical Pop Rocks


1 Lucas Baby Powder Mango

1 Sour Lucas Muecas

1 Blue Galaxy Rocks


1 Sour Blast Spray Blue Raspberry

1 Sour Hubba Bubba Tape Gum

1 Icee Dip N Lik

1 Icee Squeeze

1 Blue Razz Jelly Roller

1 Pack Sour Gummy French Fries

1 Sneaky Stardust Candy

1 Blue Blow pop

5 pack of Warheads sour gumballs

5 Bubaloo blueberry gum

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